Stuv 16-58 Z
Stuv 16-58 Z
Stuv 16-58 Z
Stuv 16-58 Z

Stuv 16-58 Z

wood fireplace

Stuv 16-58 Z small wood fireplace

  • Heats up to: 1,400 square feet
  • Log Size: 17"
  • Non-Catalytic
  • Burn Time: Up to 7 hrs
  • 1.6 cubic firebox

Stûv 16-58 Z showcase the spectacle of flames through their refined design. These types of modern wood fireplaces have a large opening that abundantly distributes heat.

The combustion techniques of the Stûv 16 Z allow to optimize their efficiency while eliminating their environmental impact. Equipped with SBR (single burn rate) automatic control, these models area easy to use: no air damper to manipulate all you need to do is light the logs and enjoy the spectacular fire

Stûv 16 wood fireplaces are available in 2 sizes in the USA. (the 16-58 Z & 16-68 Z)

A breathtaking view of the fire. Handles are not visible on the Stûv 16. A removable key serves as a tool to open the hinged door.


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