About Us

I was 20 years old when I installed my first gas insert.  It took 5 hours and the homeowner was ecstatic when we lit the flame for the first time. They now had beautiful, efficient heat in their home!
That was over 5,000 completed installations ago, and I still love doing what I do!
I absolutely love being able to go into a home and a few hours later, the job is complete and everyone is happy and warm.  

I've since started my own successful retail hearth shop providing the product and the installation. Being able to go over the fireplace options with the client, and then installing it in their home gives me such joy and sense of satisfaction. 

 Over the years, I've found myself having to educating new employees, and working with homeowners thousands of miles away with their own installs. I knew I needed to have a wealth of professional information available with the click of a button. Hence the birth of The Fireplace Whisperer. 

The Fireplace Whisperer will be a resource for Professionals and Homeowners.
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