Stuv 16-58 in
Stuv 16-58 in
Stuv 16-58 in
Stuv 16-58 in

Stuv 16-58 in

wood insert

Stuv 16-58 (in) small wood insert

  • Heats up to: 1,400 square feet
  • Log Size: 17"
  • Non-Catalytic
  • Burn Time: Up to 7 hrs
  • 1.6 cubic firebox
  • Please email for quote

Fire in its purest form with automatic control

The combustion techniques of the Stûv 16 allows to optimize their efficiency while eliminating their environmental impact. Equipped with SBR (single burn rate) automatic control, these models area easy to use: no air register to manipulate all you need to do is light the logs and enjoy the spectacular fire.

Clean lines and elegance

With their perfectly straight lines, Stûv 16  inserts are timeless and suitable for every style.

A breathtaking view of the fire

Handles are not visible on the Stûv 16. A removable key serves as a tool to open the hinged door.



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