Morso 2B Standard
Morso 2B Standard
Morso 2B Standard
Morso 2B Standard

Morso 2B Standard

wood stove

Morso 2B Standard small wood stove


Based on 1930s Morsø Forest Wood Stove, Morsø has launched the 2B standard. As with all current Morsø stoves, the 2B Standard wood stove is equipped with the very latest in combustion technology for greatly reduced smoke emissions.

An ‘air-washed’ glazed door has been added for a comfortable uninterrupted view of the fire and the long, spacious firebox has been adapted to burn wood briquettes and logs up to 18” long. The 2B Standard produces enough heat to warm up to 1000 sq ft.


    • Radiant Heat
    • 10 year limited warranty
    • Gasketed seams for tight seals
    • Chromium treated internal casting for durab
    • Reversible flue collar
    • Non catalytic burn technology
    • Clean-burning air wash system
    • Secondary air supply

Weight: 156 ibs


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